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Normal Flakes

  • Substance Designer 5.3.3
  • 1.0
  • 12-14-2015

This Substance generator creates random normal flakes that are perfect for a variety of applications like car-paint, space armor, and holiday ornaments. These little flakes can also add a nice final touch to any sand, snow, and rock texture. This generator has a number of different controls for both instancing and normal generation in order to create a variety of different looks.


  • Input types: Square, Disc, or up to 4x custom masks
  • Distance based instance count
  • Random position offset and disorder
  • Initial and random rotation
  • Scale randomization and multiplier
Normal Control:
  • Base rotation offset
  • Random rotation spread (narrows and widens the cone of possible random angles)
  • Random slope min and max

1.0 | 12-14-2015

  • First Release

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5 Responses

  1. Alejandro Rafael Martinez Chacin says:

    Brief question:
    – How are you achieving the ‘carpaint’ look with PBR? you put two layers: base material and a transparent over it in additive (hence breaking energy conservation i guess)? put the specularLevel to the highest allowed values of non-metals?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Brad Smith says:

      Thanks Alejandro!
      The technique I’m using is covered here in this Marmoset tutorials for glass:
      There are 1-2 base metallic layers, including the flakes, and then an additive transparent clearcoat layer. It is a non-metallic surface yes, and I didn’t bother conserving energy in this case. I also used a second specular lobe on the clearcoat, and set the IOR to a reasonable value (most shellacs end up between 1.5 and 1.7, so only slightly higher than your average dialectic).

  2. Gary says:

    Is this no longer available on substance share? I couldn’t find it. Looks awesome though!!!

    • Brad Smith says:

      It is currently only available from my website, it isn’t on Substance Share. You can click the download link (image) toward the top of the post to download the .sbsar. Thanks!

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