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Luma Key Pack

  • Substance Designer 5.3.0
  • 1.0
  • 10-26-2015

This Substance Designer luma key pack will make quick and efficient work out of pulling multiple masks from your Grayscale ID maps. Use the single mask Luma Key node for simple tasks, or the Luma Key Multi node for big jobs. It can handle up to 16 IDs at once and offers full control over the sample range, contrast, and resulting mask coverage.


Luma Key:
  • Sample Target Value (Float)
  • Optional Sample Target Input (for per-pixel value matching)
  • Fuzziness (Sample Target Range)
  • Contrast
Luma Key Multi:
  • All the Above Features
  • Support for up to 16 Targets / Masks
  • Outputs a Composite Mask as well as the Individual ID Masks
  • Erosion / Expansion Controls for Composite Mask
  • Switch Branching Optimization for Maximum Efficiency
Luma Keyer Multi Demo

Luma Keyer Multi Demo: Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

1.0 | 10-26-2015

  • First Release

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