Substance Designer Download: Split Toning

Substance Download: Split Toning Featured Image

Substance Designer Download: Split Toning | Click image to download


Split Toning

  • Substance Designer 5.3.0
  • 1.1
  • 10-20-2015

The first ever Substance Download of the Month! Split Toning is a Substance Designer node that allows you to adjust the hues in your highlight and shadow ranges of your RGB image. The effect is similar to a duo-tone, with more control. Use this node for a little bit of color grading at the end of your texture process.


  • Highlight and Shadow Hues
  • White and Black Protection

1.1 | 10-20-2015

  • Set Graph Output Format to Absolute 16-bit
  • Published with 5.3.0

1.0 | 09-08-2015

  • First Release

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