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Substance .SBS Language for Notepad++

  • Notepad++
  • 1.0
  • 09-13-2015

Sometimes you need to pop open the hood of an .sbs file and see what’s going on. This Notepad++ language file can help you navigate your Substance .sbs files with ease by providing basic syntax highlighting.

Syntax Highlighting:

  • Major hierarchy branches (packages, dependencies, graphs, etc)
  • Paths, UIDs, and variables
  • Names and labels
  • Element values and string types
1.0 | 09-13-2015

  • First Release | Basic syntax highlighting

You’ll also want to grab the XML Tools Plugin as well. This plugin will pretty print the .sbs xml for you, making in much more readable. Once installed, go to Plugins > XML Tools > Pretty Print (libXML)

Notepad++ XML Tools Pretty Print Instructions

Notepad++ XML Tools Pretty Print Instructions

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